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Facebook Ad Marketing Agency

There are over 1 billion users on Facebook, many of which can be targeted through Facebook marketing in order to sell products or services.

How Can You Market Products On Facebook?

If you have a Facebook account, you know that the primary reason that most people use this social media platform is to connect with friends and family. It is the essence of what social media is all about. There are many other platforms that people are also using such as Twitter and Google+. However, of all of them, Facebook is the most popular, the one that can get the best results in the shortest period of time with Facebook Advertising. In fact, up until a few years ago, this platform was primarily used for social interactions but that has all changed because of the development of certain marketing strategies.

This includes using the Facebook PPC platform where you can actually target people from certain demographics, or those that are searching for particular keyword phrases, allowing them to see your advertisements. These Facebook advertisements can show up on the right side in ads that look similar to Google, or they can end up in the newsfeed. It is the newsfeed ads which will attract the most attention and they are typically done using images and videos.

How Do You Properly Use Newsfeed Ads

You will discover that people will click on virtually anything that is in their newsfeed. However, they are most drawn to images and videos that they see. In particular, videos are very popular, sometimes playing the moment that they scroll over the video itself.

Facebook marketing allows you to do video advertising where you can place a video that will be seen in the newsfeed, and when they click on it, they can be taken to a landing page. This is where you will be able to sell them your products, and it is very effective, especially since the video will presell the audience.

Why You Should Use A Facebook Marketing Agency

When you use a Facebook marketing agency, they will be able to not only create your advertisements for you, but make sure that you are targeting the right people. They have more than likely done hundreds or thousands of different campaigns for individuals and companies worldwide. They will also be able to create images and videos that can be used for your marketing campaigns if you cannot do that yourself.

Finally, they will ensure that not only will the FB advertisement show up in the newsfeed, but they will check to make sure that the link goes directly to your website where people can make the purchase. Best of all, they can track the results that you are getting, and then ramp up on the FB advertisements that are working the best. Some of these will actually go viral, getting you a substantial amount of traffic. Additionally, they may also incorporate retargeting which is where these advertisements will seemingly follow them wherever they go. This is of great benefit as most marketing statistics state that a person must see an advertisement at least seven times before a person converts from someone who is interested into a buyer.

At Consultant Marketer, we are one of the few Facebook marketing agencies online that offer this type of service. Our prices are pretty transparent in terms how much it will cost to do these marketing campaigns. If you have the advertising budget to invest in your marketing, we would love to help.









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